What is Boudoir Photography and is it for Me?

A Truly Bespoke Luxury Boudoir Photoshoot Experience to Celebrate Your Beauty with a Collection of Stunning Sensual Images to Cherish Forever.

I get asked this question all the time from both prospective clients and friends alike. People often ask something along the lines of “what happens during a Boudoir photoshoot”? Believe it or not, it’s not an easy question to answer. We pride ourselves on offering a completely bespoke and Classy Boudoir Photography experience which is driven by you. I firmly believe there is no formula for completing a successful Boudoir photoshoot because everyone is different… different in appearance, body shape and personality, but also having different motivations for choosing to have a Boudoir photoshoot. As such, the defining feature of your experience is YOU. We work at your pace and entirely within your comfort zone to ensure you get the most of your experience and that the images are a true reflection of your unique beauty. Both females and males, and indeed couples are very welcome to experience a Boudoir photoshoot experience with us.

Boudoir holds a special meaning for me. Boudoir photography, especially Classy Boudoir Photography has the innate ability to really boost self-confidence which is something I have struggled with all of my life. When starting out in the Boudoir genre, I said to myself “if I can make just one person feel more confident in their own skin, it will all be worth it”. Well, as it turns out, this happens almost all of the time and clients leave their session with a renewed sense of confidence in their beauty, regardless of the reason for choosing to do a shoot. It truly is incredibly rewarding to be part of this transformation.

What happens during a Boudoir Photoshoot experience?

Your experience starts with a consultation to discuss your requirements and answer any outstanding questions you have. Don’t forget to look at our blog or useful tips and information to help prepare you for your experience . We offer a complimentary make-over with our resident Hair and Make Up Artist Bianca (find out more about Bianca below). She will liaise with you prior to your experience to discuss your look for the shoot. Both her and I are also very happy to discuss your choice of outfit, too, but it’s always a good idea to bring a good selection with you on the day regardless. Rest assured, we will provide you with an incredibly classy boudoir photoshoot, which some clients have also referred to as luxury Boudoir.

During the shoot itself, you will be guided every step of the way. Almost all our clients ask how to pose for Boudoir. Rest assured we’re very experienced in the art of directing tasteful boudoir poses so you’re in very capable hands. We’ll cover a wide range of poses, starting with something a bit more reserved to ease you in. There’s typically time for 2 outfit changes (3 outfits in total) so we’re sure to get a wide variety of poses and ‘looks’ throughout your session.

Hair & Make-up for Boudoir Photography

Once you arrive, preparations will start. We’ll discuss again your goals for the session whilst Bianca starts your transformation. Typically, Hair and Make-up takes around 90 minutes, so there’s plenty of time for a chat to ease any pre-shoot nerves (which is absolutely normal). Together, we’ll select your outfit choices if not done beforehand and then the shoot will begin. We’ll start with some very easy poses to kick things off and ease you in, ramping things up as your start to feel more confident. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, this is completely normal and where an experience with us really comes into its own. We’ll guide every pose to the finest detail, from how your hair falls to the tips of your toes. All you have to do is bring your sass A game. A typical shoot lasts for roughly 2-2.5 hours, which is generally enough time to work our way through 3 different outfits. Be sure to look at our blog for some guidelines on choosing your outfits.

Bianca has been a professional Hair stylist for over 10 years and has a real passion for her work. She’s also a qualified Make Up artist and takes great pride in providing you with a truly beautiful make-over for your Boudoir experience. Using products from Younique, the brand mantra of ‘Uplift and Empower’ is a perfect fit for what we aim to achieve during your Boudoir Photography experience.

Personally, Bianca is very family orientated, married the love of her life in August 2020 and has a wonderful son, too with another on the way.

After your Boudoir Photography Shoot

Once the shoot has wrapped up, you’ll leave with a huge smile on your face and with your head held high. Editing takes 2 weeks, at which point you will be sent a link to an online gallery of your images. Screen resolution digital downloads are available immediately (if purchased as part of your chosen package) and the integrated shop allows you to place orders for any additional pieces of physical art you decide on. Please navigate to our Boudoir Investment page for a rundown of the beautiful products available to showcase your stunning pieces of art.

Incredibly Fun

Overall, a Boudoir session with us is an incredibly fun, uplifting and empowering experience which is sure to leave you feeling more confident in yourself. Just take a look at the comments from past clients below to get a sense of what to expect and don’t delay in contacting us to start arranging your own session.

“ Throughout the shoot I was laughing, posing confidently and I absolutely loved it. He is brilliant and 5 stars don’t do him justice. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone and will definitely be using him again! Thank you Andrew and Bianca ”

Mrs N

” I was quite nervous to shoot boudoir for the first time but Andrew (and Bianca) made me feel really at ease and completely relaxed in no time! One thing I was quite worried about was posing but Andrew was absolutely amazing and already had a guide of poses and helped me figure out how to do them… I really enjoyed my experience and can’t wait to see the final photos as they looked amazing ”

Miss H

” The finished photos are like nothing I expected… I never thought I’d be able to do the ‘poses’ etc but my confidence grew throughout it and yes… I absolutely smashed it thanks to Andrew and Bianca… supported me through the whole session. Would definitely recommend this, well worth the money and confidence boost “

Miss S

Where does the Experience take place?

Whilst I’m not a London Boudoir photographer, I’m only about an hour away. Based in Buckingham in rural Buckinghamshire, your shoot will take place in the comfort and security of my home in a room that has been styled and decorated to ensure the most gorgeous setting for your experience. Beautiful Shabby-chic furniture coupled with detailed wall panelling and lots of greenery creates a very luxurious atmosphere. Not only does this look great in your images, but it also really helps to relax you and really get into the mood for your Boudoir session.

Please take a look at our Contact Us page for more information about our location and how to travel to find us.

We can also accommodate ‘on location’ experiences. We’re happy to come to your home if you would prefer your session to be carried out in more familiar surroundings or equally, you may decide to book into a hotel somewhere. Please discuss this with us at the time of consultation if this is something you are considering.

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What to bring to a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Not an easy question to answer, again. However, rest assured that as part of your consultation process, this will be one of the key elements discussed to ensure you’re happy with your outfit choices. Also be sure to take a look at this article I wrote for my blog which goes into outfit choices in more details.

In most cases, clients ‘treat’ themselves to some new lingerie for their Boudoir experience. This can really add to the excitement of your Boudoir photoshoot whilst also offering a heightened sense of confidence coming into your session. Luxury and designer lingerie is not always required, but is often included as one of the outfit choices. Below are just a few of our favourite designers you might want to check out:

Agent Provocateur

Honey Birdette

La Perla


Victoria’s Secret

It’s important to reassure you that nudity is NOT essential for Boudoir, but can bring an additional aspect to the sensuality of your images. Your comfort with the amount of skin you show is THE most important aspect of a successful Boudoir experience. Nudity can and often is chosen as one ‘outfit’ option during a shoot and we shoot nudity in an implied style. This means that props such as sheets, pillows or the classic hand bra are used to cover your most intimate areas, but the image lets the imagination know you’re naked. This style of nudity is almost always more sexy than full frontal as it lets the viewers imagination run wild. If you are hoping to have some nude images, please discuss this at the time of consultation.


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