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Boudoir photography has the innate ability to really boost self-confidence. Take a look at a selection of our beautiful Boudoir images in our gallery to see what we can do for you and to give you some Boudoir photoshoot ideas. 

My Style of Boudoir Photography

I have spent a lot of time refining my style of Boudoir photos. There are many ways to achieve a sexy Boudoir photo or collection of photos for you to cherish, but after trying a number of different routes, my style evolved to what you see below. I firmly believe it’s incredibly important to have a ‘style’ to your work. It makes it your own for starters, but more importantly, it allows potential clients to know exactly what to expect their Boudoir photos will turn out like.

You’ll notice I favour the dark, moody and sultry style for my images. I believe this style elicits a much more evocative image by accentuating your body with lots of highlights and shadows. For the most part, I aim to use soft natural light as much as possible which is both more flattering as well as being more conducive to a seamless flow to your shoot. Whilst dark and sultry will typically be used for most poses, there’s huge benefits to a lighter and more airy feel for some shots, mainly for those close-up portrait style Boudoir pictures, so do expect some variety. Take a look through the images in this gallery for a snapshot of what to expect from your images and to give you some Boudoir photoshoot ideas.

What Style of Boudoir Photography is Right for You?

As we have said previously, there is not and should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Boudoir photography. Everyone is completely unique; whether you’re talking about your physical features or your personality. No one is the same and we firmly believe this should be reflected in your Boudoir experience.

As such, our position is that Boudoir photography is not defined by showing ‘X%’ of your skin, but it is about the emotion, intimacy and sensuality that is portrayed in your images. This can be done over the full spectrum of ‘styles’, so it’s always helpful for us to know where your comfort levels are so we can help to tailor your shoot to you.

At this point, we should make clear that in our opinion, there is a difference between Boudoir and Glamour photography. The way I describe this difference is to imagine the end use of the images and, by proxy, the motivation for the photoshoot style itself. It’s true, both Boudoir and Glamour photoshoots involve varying levels of nudity, but the purpose for that is very different. Boudoir photos are meant to be enjoyed by a very small and select audience whereas Glamour photos are intended for mass viewing. Therefore, the portrayal of nudity is different. As mentioned previously, Boudoir photography should reflect the sensual and seductive side of your beauty, ensuring your personality is captured as well. Glamour photography, however, is much more overtly about the physical attributes one possess to be viewed in lust rather than love.

When we talk about the ‘full spectrum’, we’re talking about the levels of nudity we will be working to. Whether fully clothed or full frontal nudity, we can cater for all styles and comfort levels to bring your Boudoir photoshoot ideas to a reality.

Let’s start at the conservative end of the spectrum… Jeans and a vest top/tight t-shirt can be a great look. More often than not, though, the conservative look of choice is what I like to call the ‘lazy Sunday morning’ vibe. Think big fluffy jumpers, short shorts or Frenchies and maybe some bed socks, too. Always a hit because of how natural the images look, especially when shot in a voyeuristic fashion.

For most, a mid-level of lingerie and/or implied nude is what their aim is for their beautiful and sensual images. Leaving enough to the imagination to engage the final audience, but clearly visualising your raw sensuality. Implied nude images are especially popular.

At the other end of the spectrum, partial nude Boudoir, full frontal Boudoir and even Erotic Boudoir are all possibilities for those of you who are comfortable showing a little more skin and want your images to reflect this.

Our boudoir photoshoot galleries above show you a good range of the levels of Boudoir photo styles we can offer you. Rest assured, regardless of the levels you’re hoping to cover during your Boudoir session, it will always be classy, sassy and sexy.


Who is a Boudoir Photoshoot Suitable for?

You may be toying with the idea of booking a Boudoir session and asking yourself ‘should I do a Boudoir photoshoot?’. In our opinion, the answer should always be yes to this question. Boudoir can be for everyone as a celebration of you, your beauty and your sensual side. Yes, there is a demographic who are typically more likely to book a Boudoir photoshoot, but anyone can and does benefit from the experience and we’d certainly never say there’s a specific type of person who does a Boudoir photoshoot.

Bridal Boudoir is incredibly popular for all the soon-to-be brides out there who want to give that perfect gift for a groom or partner. Just imagine their reaction when they open their wedding gift on the morning of your wedding day to be greeted by an array of stunning and sexy Boudoir photos of their bride-to-be. Just take a look at the beautiful products on offer to showcase your stunning Boudoir pictures and leave his jaw on the floor before he sees you walking down the aisle.

More often than not, the choice to have a Boudoir session falls into one of two categories; either to create a set of stunning Boudoir images to give as a gift to a special someone OR to celebrate yourself, either as a confidence booster or as a celebration of a milestone in your life. Landmark birthdays (30, 40, 50, for example) are very common and after giving birth is another popular reason. Equally, however, a lot of clients decide to do a Boudoir photoshoot purely for themselves. Some are looking for the perfect way to boost their self-esteem and others exude pride in their bodies and want to immortalise that feeling with their Boudoir pictures.

However, increasingly couples are doing Boudoir photoshoots to celebrate their love for one another. Couples photoshoots are a great way to share in the intimacy a Boudoir experience offers. Popular reasons for couples to enquire are for celebrating an engagement or anniversary or purely just to capture some stunning Boudoir images of a very special and private moment together. 

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