I often get asked where my ideas for a family photoshoot incorporating Digital Art come from. Well, take a read of this for a unique insight into the magic we create.

What’s special about Digital Art and a Fantasy Photoshoot?

The biggest advantage of choosing to do a fantasy photoshoot is the fact that the possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, we can create it. There’s no set formula for creating good and convincing Digital Artwork and I’m yet to do the exact same creation for any of my clients. Of course, themes are often similar, but everyone has a slightly different perception on how they see themselves or their family members within a given fantasy. This is what is so special about our Digital Art Photoshoot experiences. It gives you complete creative license to let your imagination run wild and to fully immerse yourself into your chosen fantasy world.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Personally, my inspiration comes from the movies. I’m a huge fan of the fantasy genre, from superhero’s to dinosaurs, wizards to Jedi’s. This is where a draw my inspiration from and why I often refer to what we do as Movie Poster photography. You’ll see that a number of the examples in our Digital Art Gallery could very easily be considered as a promotional image for a movie.

With that said, it’s important that you, the star of the show has equal or more input into the styling and rendering of the final ‘scene’. Afterall, it’s your fantasy so we need your ideas for a family photoshoot to ensure we capture everything just as you imagine it.

Take the following 3 images as an example:

My youngest son absolutely loves dinosaurs, so I took the base picture of him running towards the camera whilst out on a walk one day and then created this image as a surprise for him.

This was a Cosplay photoshoot with a huge Wolverine fan (as if I needed to tell you that). He let slip during the shoot that he’s also a big fan of the Game of Thrones TV series, so we discussed a concept and arrived at this for the final image to bring both of his interests together.

My eldest son and recent superfan of the Transformers franchise. After watching one of the movies, he turned around to me and said ‘I wish I could help Optimus Prime’. So, that’s exactly what I did for him.

How long does it take to create a piece of Digital Art?

Quite honestly, this question is very akin to the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It can vary hugely depending on the amount of work required. For some images, I’m able to source a backdrop that fits perfectly with the theme of the image. Then, there’s others where I have to completely build the entire ‘scene’ from scratch. One image could take 2 hours, another could take 20 or more depending on the complexity.

Your requirements are discussed at length at the time of your enquiry and we will build a bespoke quote for your experience based on the complexity the final image requires. As a general rule, the price advertised on our website for a Digital Art experience would cover a moderately complex single person image, perfect as a unique alternative to a run-of-the-mill family photoshoot. Prices will increase with a more complex edit or with more people being featured in the scene.

So, there’s just a little insight into how we work collaboratively with you as the star of your own fantasies to create the perfect piece of Digital Artwork. Don’t delay in getting in touch to discuss your experience today!