Digital Art Family Photoshoot Experience

Our unique alternative to a traditional family photoshoot, where your fantasies can become a reality with completely custom fantasy photoshoot experiences.

What is Digital Art and how does it fit with Family portraits?

Digital Art is essentially taking one piece of digital material and transforming it into something else. In the case of Aperture of Your Eye, we specialise in turning regular family portraits into movie poster style artwork.

The beauty of this photography genre is that the possibilities are endless. We can essentially create anything, so the whackier the idea, the better. You’ll see from our Digital Art Portraits gallery that we can cover anything your heart desires. Whether you’re looking for a Family photoshoot with a unique twist or to capture your inner Superhero with a Cosplay photoshoot, we’ve got you and your wildest imagination covered.

What happens during your experience?

Your experience is likely to be as unique as your ideas for your final images. Whilst the process of taking the base image is fairly similar for all forms of Digital Art, we need to have a vision of the final image before we take the picture.

The key to seamless compositing is the lighting. It’s a massive give away that an image has been composited if the light sources are incongruous. With a clear idea of how you want your final image to look, we can carefully set up the lighting for the base image to ensure everything is compatible to make the ‘scene’ look believable.

Once this is aligned, the shoot itself can be as short as 10 minutes if you only want 1 image of 1 person… but equally, we could be there for hours if multiple people are going to be in the image. We’ll take plenty of pictures to make sure we have that killer shot to make your Fantasy photography desires a reality.

Editing time for Digital Art varies hugely, but as a guide, a reasonably complex edit of a single image with one person would be ready within a week. I will always aim to have your final image ready within 2 weeks wherever possible, but this does depend on the final effect we’re aiming for. If I anticipate the edit time will be longer than 2 weeks, I will inform you of this beforehand.

Where does the Experience take place?

The location for your Digital Art shoot largely depends on lighting requirements. To be sure we’re able to be in full control of the lighting, I typically shoot all base images at a local photography studio I rent out in Milton Keynes called Saracen House. You can find more information about the space we would be working in here.

Nevertheless, it is possible to shoot the base image outside if the final image is conducive to more natural lighting. The information on the gallery page explains this in more detail and the location for your shoot will be discussed to ensure we capture the base image in the most appropriate lighting.

What to bring with you?

Again, this largely depends on what we’re aiming for with the image composition. For cosplayers, this is easy, just turn up with your cosplay gear and appropriate make-up and we’re good to go. For family portraits it’s a case of thinking about ‘what would they be wearing/carrying/using if this were a real situation?’. So, if we’re turning your child into Spiderman or your family into the Avengers, fancy dress would be needed with appropriate props. However, if we’re recreating something from Jurassic Park, normal casual clothes would suffice.

As with all of the photoshoots we offer, a consultation process is carried out to ensure we achieve what you want from your Fantasy photography experience. We’ll talk through and align on what to bring and where we’ll do the shoot during this time so that we can hit the ground running on the day of your shoot.

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