Your Boudoir outfit choices can make a big difference to the success of your experience, so read on to help you decide what to bring to a Boudoir photoshoot. 

Here are some of our thoughts to help you make the right decisions for you when choosing your Boudoir lingerie.

Don’t loose sight of who you are.

Choosing Boudoir lingerie does not need to be a daunting or arduous task. In fact, it should be a big part of the fun of your experience. The most important part of the process when deciding what to bring to a Boudoir photoshoot is staying true to who you are and what you’re hoping to achieve from your session. Some women have a whole wardrobe full of expensive, sultry and seductive lingerie whilst others are equally happy with comfortable briefs and sports bras… some will consistently wear only matching sets, whilst others are happy to mix and match. There are even those who forgo underwear altogether and walk around as nature intended. The point is, everyone has a different relationship with their underwear selections and we pride ourselves on treating all types of women equally no matter what their lingerie preferences.

Generally speaking, the majority of women are somewhere in the middle of the extremes above. A moderate selection of practical and comfortable bra & knicker sets for everyday, with a selection of sexy lingerie sets for more special occasions. And it’s the ‘special occasion’ mindset we want to tap into for your Boudoir session. The purpose of the shoot is to capture you at your most beautiful and sexy and your Boudoir outfit choices should reflect this, so long as it’s within your comfort zone.

What should I wear for my Boudoir Shoot?

Well, with the above in mind, your choices should reflect the sexy, sassy and seductive side of your personality. Endeavour to depart from the everyday comfort and push your boundaries to the edge of your comfort zone. In this section, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons for various different types of lingerie to help narrow your search for those perfect classy lingerie outfits. Remember, a 2-3 hour shoot is typically long enough for 3 different outfits, but always bring more than you think you’ll need because you can never have too much underwear, right?

  • The two piece – an absolute classic and, in our opinion a must have for one of your outfits. There’s so much variety to choose from; different styles, different cuts, different colours and different materials, there’s always something out there for every women. Provided you choose something with the right fit for your body shape, it’ll accentuate your curves in all the ways. Inevitably, a two-piece does reveal the most amount of skin which can put some people off, particularly those who’s tummy is a pain point for their body confidence, but rest assured we encounter this all of the time and are experienced in our posing techniques to help take the focus away from those concern areas… but the goal is to get you to fall in love with your body all over again!
  • The bodysuit – becoming increasingly popular among our recent clients as part of their Boudoir lingerie selection. As with a two-piece, it seems the choice out there is endless with options at the most functional end of the spectrum and others as risqué as they come. Perfect for accentuating your beautiful curves, we’d recommend including one as one of your outfit choices even if we don’t end up using it on the day. TOP TIP: a perfect alternative to a two piece if you want to cover up a bit more skin!
  • The corset – hyper-seductive, especially when coupled with a thong and stockings. Not to everyone’s liking and is thought by some to be a bit more old-fashioned. But there are some absolutely gorgeous options out there. Very popular for a more pin-up style look if that’s what you are looking for. Creates a very hourglass upper-body, accentuating your bust and hips whilst helping to draw attention away from your tummy and giving you a very shapely waist.
  • The babydoll – some might consider this style of underwear more on the cute side, rather than overtly sexy, but don’t be too sure. Lace and sheer are the way to go here, creating a sense of mystery about what’s underneath, rather than fully hiding it. Often best for laying poses as the floaty material is known to hide or even alter the appearance of your body shape when standing or sitting/kneeling.
  • The white sheet – in our opinion, the perfect way to end your Boudoir session is with a ‘nothing but the sheets’ look. Whilst this does require a higher level of nudity, the sheet is used to create what is known as implied nudity. Essentially, it’s clear from your pose that your naked, but the sheet covers all our your intimate areas. This looks exudes raw beauty and sexuality and leaves the viewer wanting for more. It’s always a winner when it comes to clients selecting their images and is quite often the choice of many for their wall art.

So, that’s the overarching styles of lingerie that are most popular for a Boudoir outfit. Now let’s talk a little more specifically about pants! It never ceases to amaze me just how many different styles of pants there are in this world. Don’t get me wrong, each and every one has its place in a women’s underwear drawer, but it seems one could spend an entire day shopping for pants alone!

Now, it’s thought by most that a thong is the sexiest undergarment out there. Invariably, they’re tiny pieces of material that cover the absolute bare minimum, so of course, they are incredibly sexy in this regard. However, Boudoir photography isn’t all about how much skin you show or how small your underwear is… it’s as much about evoking the emotion and imagination of the viewer as it is overtly showing them!

So yes, thongs are great and should absolutely be part of your wardrobe for your Boudoir session, but don’t disregard the other types of knickers out there to create an equally sexy look. We’re talking mainly French or Brazilian knickers mainly, but don’t underestimate the allure of a simple pair of lacy, frilly knickers, particularly for a more laid back ‘Sunday morning lie-in’ vibe.

And finally, let’s talk about accessorising your Boudoir outfits. Jewellery is very important, so bring some along with you. Especially important is your engagement ring for Wedding Boudoir (more on this in a minute). Shoes are also important and tend to feature for at least one of the outfits during your session. A couple of pairs should be fine, but stiletto heels are important. Popular colour choices are black and red, but nude is gorgeous too and can be paired with almost any outfit… we’d advise patent as well, although this shouldn’t be so much of a concern.

Revisiting the Sunday morning vibe, consider an oversized woolly jumper and knee length bed socks to help create the cosy ambience of this look. I’ll even make you a cuppa on the day to fully sell the atmosphere!

For Wedding Boudoir, please be sure to bring your wedding night lingerie with you. There’s not much better for a Groom on the morning of your wedding than to see a sneak peek of what’s in store for him later that evening, so make the most of the opportunity. We’d also suggest to bring your veil, your garter and your wedding shoes if you have those organised already. But don’t worry if you’d rather not bring your veil, we have one as a studio prop that we can use.

So there you have it, a run down of the different options out there for you to choose your Boudoir outfits from and some (hopefully) nuggets of inspiration and food for thought. We’re more than happy to talk outfit choices with you during your consultation so don’t delay and send us a message here to get your session booked!